What is a Wine Boutique?
A "Wine Boutique" also referred to as a "MICRO-WINERY" is a new and unique small commercial business for Stratford that will offer the service of making wine from wine kits that are sold in the store. Customers will purchase the wine kit of their choice selected from a variety of grape juice and juice concentrate from all over the world. The Boutique will provide the tools, space and expertise to convert the wine kit into wine. Each kit will make between 28 and 30 bottles provided by the Boutique along with all the necessary corks, foils and custom lables designed by the customer. The customers will be required to pitch the yeast and perform bottling; the Boutique staff does the clean up, monitors the progress during fermentation and advise the customer when its time to bottle.

I see you offer wine samples?
To assist the customer in the wine kit selection process, samples of various wines will be offered as a "wine tasting", made from wine kits (produced at the store) for a modest fee. Once the selection is made the kit can be purchased with instructions to make the same product at the customer's home or purchase the services of the Boutique and make the wine in the shop. The customer will be handed a note card where they can make comments on each sample.

What are Sampling Parties?

A Sampling party is a private, home wine tasting where I bring the wine samples, you provide the snacks and the guests.

Minimum of 10 people. Call for details. .

Can I buy equipment at the Boutique?

Sorry, I do not offer this service at this time. Please feel free to call or email for more details of what is available.

Quick Store Information
Located At: Stratford, Connecticut
Phone: (203) 521-1287

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