WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB! I use this section to announce news on the club and to post the schedule of wines that I will make for the club, the cost per share and when you can expect the wine to be finished and bottled up. If you are not a member yet, it is not (not ever....) too late. Just stop in to pick up a form the next time you are in the area. The annual fee is $25.00 and is good for 12 months from the date you sign up and there is no obligation to purchase any shares. Membership is the only way you can purchase a share in the wine kits that I make each month so be sure to join up.


Members have no obligation to purchase any shares at any time but if they see a wine style that they wish to purchase, they must purchase their share(s) before the wine is made. We are now offering both a red and white wine each month to accomodate all Members. Members can also request that I make an ADD-ON or additional flavor if they don't see anything they like. If I can get at least 20% of the Membership to "buy in" I will make up the requested wine.

AUGUST: Australian Shiraz; Deep dark in color with a warm presence of black fruit and berries. You will taste a rich smoky flavor with dark red fruits and a slight hint of chocolate. Bottled and available. Share cost: $9.00

Pinot Gris; A light golden yellow, from the Northwest Region of the US., dry white wine with a medium body and apromas of apple, pear and melon. Drinks well while young and chilled. Bottled and now available. Share cost $9.00

Pomegranate Zinfandel: A light, juicy red blend of California Zinfandel, blended with the fresh and juicy flavors of pomegranat. Light alcohol 7% by volume. to be bottled on or before September 29. share cost: $9.00
Gewurztraminer: A very distictive white wine with exotic, spicy, almost perfumed characteristics. Flavors of lychee and rose water in a refreshing medium body. To be bottled on or before September 29. Share cost: $9.00 each


Starting with the September wine production, I will be providing home delivery for all WMC Club members at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!! I will coordinate with each member to find the best date, time and place to deliver shares. Members have the option of paying in advance or upon delivery. To receive delivery, someone over the age of 21 must be available.

PAYPAL! As a convenience to our Club Members, I have connected a special Paypal account that you can use to purchase shares in a kit without coming into the shop. If you have a Paypal account and wish to purchase a share in a kit, send me a note or give me a call and I will send you a Paypal Request so that we can connect.

MEMBER REQUESTS: If you have any special requests and would like to see your favorite wine featured during a future month during 2015, drop in or let me know and if there is enough interest in that style, I will add it to the list. Each kit will produce about 28 shares...I will need to get orders for at least half that amount in order to go forward with a special request.

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